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Barbara Lorraine has pioneered the Hair Extension Industry in Canada. She has extensive expertise, education, knowledge, and experience in combatting hair loss and thinning of hair as a result of: nutritional deficiencies, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, celiac disease, cancer, hormonal issues, aging, and eating disorders. Barbara Lorraine has helped countless people gain their natural hair back after illness/grow it longer than ever before while aiding gender transitioning for over 31 years!

Barbara Lorraine’s passion in this very specialized area of hair care began back in Toronto, Ontario when she was just fresh out of school. She filled in for a co-worker who had been seriously injured in a car accident but had contractual commitments to an elite clientele of TV personalities, actors, musicians, athletes, and models. Barbara Lorraine was thrust into the world of agents, contracts, and specialized hair care needs in efforts to assist her injured colleague. Although this was supposed to be a temporary position, Barbara Lorraine's associate was unable to recover from her injuries and eventually the contracts were offered to Barbara Lorraine in which she humbly accepted.

Hair extensions became a full-time career for Barbara Lorraine. Of noteworthiness, hair extensions were NOT available to the general public at this time. Only an elite few had the financial means and access to this highly sought-after cosmetic service. As the years passed and the industry of hair extensions began to leak out into the public sphere, Barbara Lorraine began to realize that hair extensions needed to be accessible to a more diverse, and perhaps even more necessary clientele. Clients who suffered from hair trauma were struggling in the shadows. Barbara Lorraine noticed hair extensions had the potential to help the individuals who suffered in silence by giving them locks that they could be proud to wear while their natural hair made its way to recovery. More importantly, Barbara Lorraine's mission was/is to build their confidence and self-esteem in everyday life on an internal level.

Having graduated with distinctions from the L.A. School of Hair Design and Hair Extensions, Barbara Lorraine’s career moved from platform artistry, commercials, and competitions into the rewarding and deserving public sector. She devoted herself to making sure that everyday women and men from all walks of life had access to the best hair, the best method, and fully customized work. Having owned studios across Canada and regularly accepting contracts in L.A. and Miami for over 18 years, Barbara Lorraine has chosen to lay down her roots here in Edmonton, where her 26-year-old twins work and live.

It has become Barbara Lorraine’s mission this past 8 years to share her passionate expertise with every client who desires their dream hair. Whether it be more thickness, increased length, revitalized texture, or a trendy dynamic style or colour, Barbara Lorraine is here to help you find your hair utopia. Barbara Lorraine’s transformations over the years is a true testament to her dedication and excellence in the hair extension realm. Make the call. Inspire your elegance with the "EXPERT" and her phenomenal transformations. Educate yourself about the 35 methods of hair extensions available to you now, here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Book your FREE consultation with Hair Extensions by Barbara Lorraine. As always, Dare to be Remarkable.





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