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"I did a lot of research prior to getting hair extensions and when I went for a consult with Barb I knew I could trust her to do a great job. She was professional, honest and very personable. I had been feeling down about my short hair and wished I never got it cut. Once the hair extensions were in I felt like a million dollars! Barb chose the right hair that was suitable for me and did an amazing haircut that blended the extensions into my own. In fact, my hair extensions lasted about 6 months before I had to move them up. I would highly recommend Barb to anyone who wishes to get hair extensions put in. She is a pro as well as a wonderful lady and takes the time to get it right. Thanks to Barb for giving me a new look and a new confidence in my appearance!" Marion M.


"Barbara Lorraine is without a doubt the authority on hair extensions. Part knowledge guru, part artistic genius, and with a dash of mad scientist, Barbara Lorraine wields her multiple talents to meld the physical with the spiritual to create a unique look for every client. I have come to Barbara Lorraine’s salon for multiple services and she has never steered me wrong. Her suggestions are always spot-on and her advice is practical and down-to-earth. She always makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful woman on the planet." Colleen O.

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